"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity" - Plato ​

EHLIESHA is a melting pot of stories inspired by failures, travels, success, love, life, and diversity. Each tells a story of courage, strength, growth, & positivity.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii, Elysia grew up & was immersed in a diverse culture. She was heavily influenced by her artistic grandfather who was a painter in the Philippines. Her mother was a school teacher whom she learned how to be resourceful, a grandmother who spoke her mind, and a father who showed her perseverance can change your story. 


pronounced: eh-lie-sha

Details + Fabrication

Self-taught from basic sewing to soldering, EHLIESHA designs are created solely by hands. No one piece will be an exact match as the one before; that's the beauty of handmade rather than mass-produced. High-quality gold-filled  materials are used to create designs and bind together with metal smith techniques.

Ehliesha is a reinvention , a work in progress. Battles won in silence and a personal journal shared with you. These are my unwritten words embedded in every forge pieces.


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